Be a Local Hero: How to Create a Social Media Niche for You (or Your Agency) in Your Local Community.

A talk by Jean-luc van Charante MSc. MA.
CEO, Ineffable NV

July 02, 2021, 07:00 PM

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About this talk

In this session, Jean-luc van Charante will take you on a journey from starting all over from scratch, to being the go-to social media expert in his country.

In Be a Local Hero, he will talk about:

  • Finding your Ikigai: It all starts with your DNA. Everything starts with looking in the mirror and playing to your strengths.

-Why MVP’s Matter: Starting from scratch doesn’t have to mean ‘starting with nothing’. Bootstrapping matters, and so does previous experience.

-Building an A Team: How big do you want to scale. And do you really have to choose between going big or staying small?

  • From Chaos to Growth: How your USP's define your business. And why people matter more than tactics.

  • Helping others: What building a community really means. And why it is ok to share.

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